1. Within a week from the date of receipt of the manuscript, the authors obtain a notification via the electronic platform about its receipt, indicating the date of receipt and registration number.
  2. Articles submitted to the editorial board receive an individual registration number, which provides the author with anonymity for review.
  3. Author's manuscripts undergo a primary review by the editor for compliance of the topic and content of the article with the journal profile and design requirements within 10 days. After eliminating the editorial board’s comments on the design of the article, the manuscript is submitted for review.
  4. Editors can reject an article in their absolute discretion without peer review if it is deemed not relevant to the topic of the journal, or the required quality level. This decision is made by the editor solely based on the content and quality of the article and is communicated to the author within 5 days after the decision is made.
  5. The manuscript is submitted for review to two independent scholars or experts in the particular field of research who are not part of the editorial board. In cases of controversy, additional reviewers are engaged at the discretion of the editorial board. Based on expert opinions, a decision is made on the publication of the material in the presented form, on the need for revision, on the rejection.
  6. Review is carried out on the principle of double-blind peer review when neither the author nor the reviewer knows each other. The reviewer examines the manuscript within 14 calendar days from the date of its receipt. The search for reviewers is carried out by the editors of the journal.
  7. The editorial board informs the author of the article about the results of the review by e-mail within a month after being accepted for consideration. If there are no reviews within a month, the editorial board informs about the new terms of consideration.
  8. A manuscript sent to the authors for revision must be returned in a corrected form within a period not exceeding 10 working days. After this period, it is considered as a newly submitted. The revised manuscript must be accompanied by a letter from the authors describing the corrections made and containing answers to all comments of the reviewers.
  9. The editorial board reserves the right to change the publication order. This means that acceptance for publication does not imply publication in the next issue of the journal.
  10. The editor board reserves the right to make editorial changes to the text that do not distort the meaning of the article.
  11. The editor board reserves the right, if necessary, to reduce and edit articles. After publication, the author can receive a copy of the article in PDF format.
  12. All communication between the editorial board, the author, the reviewer is carried out via the electronic platform (OJS), in exceptional cases via e-mail.
  13. The editorial board observes editorial ethics and does not disclose the process of working on an article in the publishing house without the author's consent (does not discuss with anyone the advantages or disadvantages of the work, comments and corrections in them, does not provide internal reviews).