Central Asia
environmental migration
environmental migrant

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Rakhmatulina Д., Samay А., & Issova Л. (2024). Environmental Migrant of Central Asia: Problem of Status Identification. JOURNAL OF CENTRAL ASIAN STUDIES, 93(1), 31–39. https://doi.org/10.52536/3006-807X.2024-1.03


At the present stage, the process of “environmental migration” is marked by high intensity and is manifested in the escalation of cases of internal movements over external ones. The dynamics of this phenomenon are of particular importance for regions most susceptible to climate change, which is associated with several socio-economic problems. Such regions include Central Asia, due to the impact of negative environmental factors and a combination of socio-economic difficulties.

The article examines the status of “environmental migrant” and the criteria for identifying migrants of this category in the Central Asian region. To achieve this goal, the developed approaches to the definitions of “environmental migration” and “environmental migrant” in the Central Asian region are analyzed. The authors determined the presence of similar natural and anthropogenic factors that caused the movement of people. In conclusion, the study offers recommendations for adjusting the criteria for identifying an environmental migrant at the regional level based on the manifestations of permanent and sudden natural disasters that are identical to Central Asia.