civil war
Belt and Road Initiative
trade connectivity

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Harutynyan, A. (2024). Examining the Dynamics of China-Syria Relations Amid Global Changes. JOURNAL OF CENTRAL ASIAN STUDIES, 94(2), 23–38. https://doi.org/10.52536/3006-807X.2024-2.02


This paper analyzes Syria's role as a key political and trade ally for China in the Middle East, a crucial juncture for routes to the Mediterranean. Highlighting the contemporary significance of the topic, it explores Syria’s vital position in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and as an essential logistical hub. It also considers how Syria can aid the expansion of Chinese trade while simultaneously advancing its economic redevelopment, especially in infrastructure, telecommunications, and energy sectors, in alignment with both nations’ strategic 'Look East’ (Syria) and ‘Look West' (China) policies under Syria's four seas strategy.

The research explores China's role in the 2011 Syrian crisis, mediation efforts, humanitarian aid to Damascus, and ambitions to participate in the country's reconstruction under the BRI. It uses content and discourse analytic tools to show the dynamics of China-Syria political and economic interactions, highlighting challenges and issues that have developed due to BRI implementation.