The editorial board of the journal in its activities is guided by International Ethics Standards of Scientific Publications and the Code of Ethics of Scientific Publications developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Ethical Guidelines for Editors:

When deciding to publish an article, the editor shall be guided exclusively by the scientific significance of the manuscript and shall not discriminate against the author on any basis of affiliation.

The editor shall be obliged to observe the safety and not to use the information contained in the manuscript for personal purposes, as well as shall undertake not to transfer it to third parties.

The editor must refuse to consider the manuscript in the event of a conflict of interest with the author/authors and/or the author's organization.

The editor, together with the publisher, should make every effort to resolve disputes regarding copyright and infringement of the Code of Ethics of Scientific Publications

Ethical Guidelines for Authors:

The author(s) of the article shall be responsible for the accuracy, reliability, and objectivity of scientific research results. The use and application of knowingly false or falsified data shall be unacceptable.

The author(s) shall guarantee the authenticity of the research. All citations (borrowed fragments or statements) must be made with the obligatory indication of the author and the original source in accordance with the article submission guidelines posted in the Author’s Guide.

The presence of plagiarism in any form shall serve the basis for refusal to publish the author with his/her further inclusion in the list of unethical authors.

It is unacceptable to include in authorship the persons who did not take part in the creation of the manuscript. All researchers who have made a significant contribution to the writing of the manuscript, who have read and agree with its final version shall be considered coauthors.

It is advisable to submit an article that is not under consideration in another publishing house, or the author must notify in advance that a decision has been made to publish the manuscript in another publishing house.

It is unacceptable to publish an article that has already been issued under the same title. In case of revealing an attempt to publish a previously published material, the author shall be considered unethical and shall be included in the corresponding list with the termination of cooperation with him/her by the editorial board in the future.

If the author finds an error or inaccuracy in the manuscript prior to its publication, he/she shall be obliged to immediately notify the editors about them in order to make corrections to the text, subject to the technical feasibility of such corrections at the stage of the production process.

Ethical Guidelines for Reviewers:

The reviewer shall take an open-minded, unbiased approach to the manuscript being reviewed

The reviewer must ensure the safety of the information obtained from the manuscript. It is unacceptable to use it in his/her personal interests, as well as to transfer the manuscript to third parties.

Criticism of the reviewer, the provided opinion must be justified and unbiased.

The reviewer may make a request to be released from reviewing if he/she considers oneself insufficiently qualified in the field of science for which the manuscript is presented.